LENA UNTIDT Sculptures


LENA UNTIDT Is educated as a graphic designer and illustrator. Today, she works exclusively as an artist. She use various materialss for her paintings and sculptures. Materials such as; iron, wire, tree roots, plaster, concrete, bronze, often used and mixed in the sculptures. The properties of these materials bring life to her works.

Horses and art have always been important in Lena's life. Therefore, it was natural for her to combine here interest in horses and art.

Lena's interest in other animals, has recently emerged in her choice of new motifs.

Apart from numerous art exhibitions in Denmark, Lena has echibited in Paris and Normandy several times, as well as London, Los Angeles, Milan, Venice, Palermo, Peschiera del Garda, Barcelona, Rome and Berlin.
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Lena loves all kinds of animals